Speller Server

Two speller server instances run on the divvun.no server, one for saami languages, the other one for non-saami languages.

A web editor with the saami spellers is found at http://divvun.no:3000, and also at divvun.no

A web editor with the non-saami spellers is found at http://divvun.no:3001, and also at divvun.org

The speller servers runs on the divvun.no server. The saami one is run from the account spellerserver, the non-saami one is run from the account morespellerservers. Both have screen instances running.

The code for the server is found at github.

Log in, attach to screen, exit screen

  1. Log in to the account.
  2. Attach to the screen instance: screen -RD
  3. Use nvm: nvm use stable
  4. Do whatever is work is needed.
  5. When done, exit screen by pressing Ctrl-a, Shift-d, Shift-d

How ck-ospell was installed

  1. git clone https://github.com/divvun/ck-ospell.git
  2. cd ck-ospell
  3. git submodule init
  4. git submodule update
  5. Alternatively, change port from 3000 to something else in server.js
  6. CXX=clang++-mp-3.4 npm install

Run server

npm start

To install a new language

  1. Log in to the account, attach to screen
  2. Ctrl-c (stop the speller server)
  3. Copy a .zhfst file to the etc directory, e.g. curl -o etc/<newlanguage>.zhfst http://divvun.no/static_files/zhfsts/<newlanguage>.zhfst
  4. npm start

Update ck-ospell

  1. Log in to the account, attach to screen
  2. Ctrl-c (stop the speller server)
  3. git pull
  4. npm install
  5. npm start

Depending on particular branches/commits

ck-ospells dependencies are specified in package.json. More info can be found in package.json/npm documentation.

Depending on a particular commit

    "hfst-ospell-js": "git://github.com/divvun/hfst-ospell-js#c311421b3c9a79bcb5decd482b131dd5883564fb",

Example commit on github

Depending on a particular branch

    "hfst-ospell-js": "git://github.com/divvun/hfst-ospell-js#alphabet-hack",

Example commit on github