Setting up Northern Sámi keyboard and Northern Sámi as input language in Windows 10

We show how to set up Northern Sámi as an input language. When one chooses Northern Sámi as an input language, the spelling checker will automatically be run in Northern Sámi when the Divvun tools are installed.

  1. Go to the Start menu, and click on Settings:


  2. Click on Time & language:


  3. Click Add a language:


  4. Choose Davvisámegiella by clicking the name:

    Legg til språk

  5. Choose the variant of Davvisámegiella you want:

    Regionale varianter

  6. Click Davvisámegiella followed by Alternatives:

    Språk etter å ha valgt nordsamisk

  7. Click Add Keyboard:


  8. Choose Samisk, utvidet Norge:


  9. Select Norsk med samisk and click Remove:

    Språkalternativer: Fjern norsk med samisk

  10. Now you have Davvisámegiella (Norga) as an input language with the keyboard Samisk, utvidet Norge:

    Språk med nordsamisk ferdigvalgt

  11. To switch between the keyboard and thus language, press Windows+space until the Northern Sami keyboard is activated:

    Språk med nordsamisk ferdigvalgt