Divvun info for administrators and integrators


The regular Divvun 4.1+ installers are exe files wrapping two MSI packages: one MSI package for 32-bit Windows, and another MSI package for 64-bit Windows. This wrapping is done to make one installation package that is easy to install. If wanted or needed, each bit-specific package can be downloaded and installed separately, they can then be distributed and installed just like any other MSI package (links point to newest available version):

To get at individual packages for all versions since 4.0.1, have a look at this page (4.0 had a serious bug and is not available anymore).


The Mac installer is made using Apple's own installer tools, and should be easily integratable in a larger deployment scheme. See Apple's own documentation for further details.

Old info related to the Windows 3.x-4.0.1 installers

The Divvun 3.x and 4.0.1 installers are MSI packages, and can be distributed and installed just like any other MSI package.

The Divvun 3.x tools do ONLY work with 32 bit Office, they do NOT work with 64 bit MS Office (but they work on both 32 and 64 bit Windows) (support for 64 bit Office was added in Divvun 4.0). If you have issues getting Divvun 3.x to work, please check that you have the 32 bit version of MS Office. Check this page for instructions on how to identify the bit-ness of your MS Office package.

Old info relating to the Divvun 2.x installer: Issues with Windows 7

The Divvun 2.2 installer is made using NSIS, and is by default enabled for silent installations, and thus easy mass-deployment. You should run the installer using option /S to run it in silent mode:

MSOfficeDivvunTools.exe /S

Further info can be found in the NSIS documentation, and the source code for building the installer can be found here. If you have patches for bug fixes or feature enhancement, either send it via e-mail or attach it to a Bugzilla bug.

Microsoft has changed several important (to us) aspects of the registry on Windows 7, which has caused (and is still causing) issues for the Divvun installer. For some of the issues there are workarounds, for others we are working on an updated installer. Known issues:

The Divvun tools are installed by a central administrator, but do not work for the local user:
  • Cause: Windows7 only allows the registry entries to be set for the installing user, which in this case is different from the actual end user
  • Temporary solution: download and double-click one of the following registry files, depending on your MS Office version:
  • IMPORTANT: you need to double click the registry file while you are logged in as the user who is going to use the Divvun tools. If the computer has more than one user, you need to double click the registry file once for each user. This is a one time operation for each user, after which Divvun should work as expected.
  • WARNING: registry files can easily be used to compromise your Windows computer. Make sure that the registry file you download is not tampered with or otherwise changed by third parties. This can be done using an MD5 checksum utility (here is a free MD5 checksum tool for Windows). After you have downloaded the registry files, drop them on the MD5 checksum tool, and control that you get exactly the same checksum as given below. The checksums are:
    • MD5 checksum for the Divvun 2.2 registry file for Windows7+Office 2007: df5d376b3cf2bf0063a0e0262219d225
    • MD5 checksum for the Divvun 2.2 registry file for Windows7+Office 2010: 754bdd1767afde1489e6afc3fac69001
The Divvun tools are installed by the local user, but they still do not work:
  • Cause: You have Office 2010 Home OR Student edition. These are not presently supported.
  • Temporary solution: None really. Upgrade to Officd 2010 Professional is a solution, but will cost you money. A free solution is to use OpenOffice or LibreOffice, and install our Hunspell speller.