Enable the Sámi keyboards in macOS 10.9-10.12

To be able to write easily in Sámi, you need to use a Sámi keyboard. On this page we describe how to enable it.

If you need a keyboard layout other than North sámi, then you first need to install the desired keyboard.

1. Open Systemvalg…

Åpne "Systemvalg…"

2. Click Keyboard or type a relevant search term in the search field:


3. Click on the Input Method tab and click on the plus sign in the lower left corner:

Legge til samisk tastatur

4. Select the Sámi keyboard you want, and click Add:

Legge til samisk tastatur

5. Select the Sámi keyboard in the keyboard menu to the right in the menu list when writing Sámi:

Velg samisk tastatur for skriving

6. To switch quickly between keyboard layouts you can use the keyboard shortcut Cmd-space (⌘-␣ ).