Spellers throughout the operating system


There is work going on to develop an OS-wide speller for Windows. The page will be updated as soon as we have new information.


The OSX system-wide spellers are still beta quality. The main remaining issue is related to installing multiple languages. We have a separate page with instructions for how to install multiple languages in parallel. Linguistically these spellers are as good as the Word spelling checkers.

Language:  Version:  Documentation and source code:
Last ned nordsamiskNorth Sámi  4.0.1b  Project documentation for North Sámi and source code.
Last ned nordsamiskJulev Sámi  4.0.1b  Project documentation for Julev Sámi and source code.
Last ned nordsamiskSouth Sámi  4.0.1b  Project documentation for South Sámi and source code.

Installation: Move the downloaded file to ~/Library/Services/ as follows: open a new Finder window, choose the menu item Go > Go to folder…, type ~/Library/Services/ and press enter. Then move the downloaded file into this folder. Double-click the file after you have moved it, or log out and back in.

To verify that the speller is working, open System Preferences > Keyboard > Text, and verify that your language is listed in the menu Spelling, with «(MacVoikko)» after the language name. If not, restart your computer.

OSX Systemvalg > Tastatur med MacVoikko

Usage: IIn applications using the system spelling checker services (most apps, but not MS Word, Firefox and a few other common applications) just open the spelling checker dialog: Edit > Spelling and Grammar > Show Spelling and Grammar. Select your language in the language menu. If you always want to spell check in this language, you can make it the default spell checking language in System Preferences > Keyboard > Text.

OSX stavekontrolldialog


The OS wide spelling checker is really all you need in Linux, all applications will use it. For the time being you have to build it yourself, but we are working to get all necessary packages, including our own language models, available through the usual package repositories.

Instructions for how to build spellers for Linux can be found here.