Cooperation Partners

The Divvun group has support from and cooperation with a number of people and institutions (listed in no particular order):

  • images/partnerlogos/GT-logo.png
    Giellatekno: our sister group at UiT, with whom we share everything
  • images/partnerlogos/SD-logo.png
    Sami Parliament: The mother of Divvun, where all started. Present cooperation covers term development infrastructure and, as well as collecting and administering the corpus of Sámi texts. The corpus is searchable here.
  • images/partnerlogos/TkC8DVeC_bigger.jpg
    Avvir: our biggest contributor of corpus text, and long-time cooperator in speller development and testing.
  • images/partnerlogos/Giellagaldu.png
    Giellagáldu: term development and normativity questions for all Sámi languages in the Nordic countries.
  • images/partnerlogos/AltLab.png
    AltLab: support for indigenous languages in Canada and North America
  • images/partnerlogos/TinoDidriksen.jpg
    Tino Didriksen: Windows and MS Office integration.
  • images/partnerlogos/TriGram.png
    Trigram AS/Kevin Unhammer: Grammar checker technical development.
  • images/partnerlogos/BrendanMolloy.jpg
    Brendan Molloy: morphology testing framework, mobile keyboards and keyboard generation, web speller, MacDivvun.
  • images/partnerlogos/s200_jack.rueter.jpg
    Jack Rueter: Skolt Sámi and Uralic languages in Russia.
  • images/partnerlogos/Oulun_yliopisto_logo_text_fi.png
    Giellagas-instituutti: Inari Sámi proofing tools and analysers.
  • images/partnerlogos/acapela-logo.png
    Acapela: North Sámi text-to-speech.
  • images/partnerlogos/Helsingin_yliopisto.png
    University of Helsinki: Hfst and related tools and technology, core speller engine technology.
  • images/partnerlogos/voikko-icon.png
    Harri Pitkänen: speller integration with LibreOffice, general speller support through libvoikko.
  • images/partnerlogos/Aajege_logo_sort_no.png
    Aajege: The language learning app Gïelese
  • images/partnerlogos/Apertium.png
    Apertium: MT for many languages
  • [images/partnerlogos/Zulip.jpg]|https: //]
    Zulip is an open-source modern team chat app designed to keep both live and asynchronous conversations organized.
    Used by Divvun and Giellatekno for team chat and community communication.
  • images/partnerlogos/Clarin_typeB_Frame_middle.png
    Clarin Partner: Divvun is part of the SAFMORIL research network in CLARIN