Sámi boallobeavddit

The desktop keyboards are presently in a testing phase. Download and install only if you want to test unfinished software, and know how to uninstall and reinstall. Use and install on your own risk. Despite this, we believe the available keyboards are already quite useful. Please give us feedback and corrections!




Viežžanliŋkkat Bagadusat (dušše eŋgelasgillii)
Ovdánahttit fertejit lasihit boallobeavddiid Linux-vuogádahkii. Dađistaga go iešguđet gielaid boallobeavddit gárvánit, mii sáddet daid sisa nu ahte dat šaddet oassin vuogádagas boahtteáiggis.

More information

Further information about the layouts and other details can be found on the pages below: