Divvun spelling checkers for LibreOffice 5 on OSX

Install the spellchecker

Spelling checkers for LibreOffice can be downloaded here. The downloaded spellchecker extension looks like this (the name may vary):
The LibreOffice-voikko extension

Open LibreOffice, and open the menu Tools > Extensions…:
The LibreOffice menu Tools - Extensions

Click on Add …:
The LibreOffice Extensions window

Go to the Download folder, select the file you downloaded, and click on Åpne:
The file open dialog selecting the extension

You get a question whether you want to install for all users or only for yourself:
Dialog to choose whether to install for all users or only for oneself

When it is installed, a window like the one below will show up. In the picture below, the new speller extension is selected and highlighted in blue. Click «Lukk» and restart LibreOffice to end the installation.
Resultatet av installasjonen.

How to use the spelling checker

To turn on the Divvn spell checker for North Sámi, do as follows:

  • Click the fourth field from the left in the status bar, and then click «More …»:
  • Choose the Font tab in the dialog window and choose the language you want (North Sámi in our case) from the popup language menu:
  • Now you can right click the misspelled word and get correction suggestions (the "word" nuvviDspeller will generate suggestions telling you what version you have of the Divvun spell checker):
    Velg språk for stavekontroll