Installation on Android

After you have donwloaded the app from Google Play, your phone may look like this:

Home screen with downloaded keyboard app

Start the app:

App welcome screen

Continue to the configuration:

App first configuration screen

Touch the link that takes you to the preference pane to enable the Sami keyboads:

Android configuration step one

When you turn on the keyboards, you get a warning about giving access to everything you write. Divvun does not collect anything, it is safe to press ok:

Warning about giving the developer access to all your input

When you have activated the Sami keyboards, you have to switch to them - press «Switch input method»:

App second configuration screen Android configuration step two

It may look like you are done, but to really activate the Sami keyboards you have to press «Configure more languages»:

App third configuration screen

Remove the upper-most check mark («Use System Language»):

Android configuration step three

Now you can select the keyboards for the languages you want to use:

Android configuration step four

Now you are done!

App third configuration screen - done

To switch keyboard when writing, press and hold the globe key to the left of the space key:

Writing using a Sami keyboard Switch to another keyboard

You can also switch to the next keyboard by just tapping the globe key.

If you have switched to a factory keyboard without a globe key, you can switch back to the Sami keyboards by sliding one finger from the top of the screen twice. You then get a list of alternatives, among them one to switch input method (keyboard):

Alternative method to switch keyboard