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Proofing tools for MS OfficeMS Office


Download the VieččaDivvun Manager and install spellers from it. icon User guides InstructionsInstructional videos


Divvun 4 for MS Office on OSX is not yet available due to unexpected problems. We are working on them, and will update this page as soon as the new version is ready. Below you can download the old version. NB! The old version does NOT work in MS Office 2016! Divvun 4.1 for LibreOffice works well (see further down).
Instructions · Office 2011 user guide
· Office 2008 user guide
InstructionsInstructional videos

Proofing tools for LibreOfficeLibreOffice

The proofing tools for LibreOffice works on both Windows Windows and OSX OSX. The proofing tools require LibreOffice 6.0 or newer. If you are dependent upon an older version of LibreOffice, you can download proofing tools for older versions on this page.

Instructions LibreOffice user guide (Windows Windows)
LibreOffice user guide (macOS macOS)

Proofing tools for LinuxLinux

The Divvun proofing tools can be installed on Linux by following the instructions on this page.