Old versions

Divvun 4.x

Divvun 3.x

Divvun 2.x

Divvun 1.x

Version history

Divvun 4.1 (2016-12-15)

Linguistic updates: a lot of new words added, the orthography has been updated according to the latest orthography decisions, error corrections.

Technical updates: none

Divvun 4.0.1 (2016-03-17)

Linguistic updates: none

Technical updates:

  • MS Office speller:
    • corrected fatal error related to words in all caps or initial upper case when surrounded by square brackets and similar chars.
  • LibreOffice speller:
    • the speller was updated to use LO-Voikko 5.0.1, which requires LO 4.4 or newer (updated spellers using LO-Voikko 4.1 (compatible with LO 4.0 and newer) is available for download on this page).
    • on Windows, it is now possible to add additional languages by storing .zhfst files in C:\voikko\3\ (LO-Voikko 5 based spellers only).
  • MacVoikko speller:
    • switched compression tool back to zip; the previous compression tool was incompatible with libvoikko, and caused MacVoikko to crash.

Divvun 4.0 (2015-12-17)

Linguistic updates:

  • a lot of new words and linguistic updates for North Sámi
  • a lot of new words and linguistic updates for Lule Sámi, including new orthographic decisions for loan word adaption
  • a lot of new words and linguistic updates for South Sámi

Technical updates:

  • support for 64 bit MS Office
  • support for LibreOffice (Windows, OSX, Linux (has to be built from source))
  • new speller engine completely based on open source code
  • beta of MacVoikko for OS-wide speller support in OSX using the same speller as in MS Office and LibreOffice

Divvun 3.0 (2013-06-13)

Technical updates, Windows only:

  • support for Windows 8
  • support for MS Office 2013

Divvun 2.3 (2013-02-08)

Linguistic updates for North Sámi:

  • ca 40 000 new words, from corpora and users
  • adjustments according to new orthographic decisions
  • a number of other smaller changes

Divvun 2.2 (2011-11-23)

  • support for 64-bits Windows
  • support for mass deployment on Windows
  • other small corrections

Divvun 2.1 (2011-03-21)

  • linguistic updates for South Sámi
  • support for MS Office 2010 for 32-bit Windows

Divvun 2.0 (2010-12-08)

  • South Sámi version 1
  • new installer
  • support for MS Office 2011 for Mac

Divvun 1.1 (2008-12-17)

  • linguistic updates for North and Lule Sámi
  • support for MS Office 2008 for Mac

Divvun 1.0.1 (2007-12-21)

  • bug fix: now working in Sweden and Finland too
  • improved suggestions

Divvun 1.0 (2007-12-12)

  • initial release