Using Divvun with MS Office 2007

  1. In order for the Divvun tools to be able to help you, you have to tell the computer that you actually do intend to write in Sami, by choosing Sami as the language of your text.

    When you have opened MS Office you click the tab Se gjennom, where you choose Angi språk
    Flik for å velge språk

  2. In the emerging dialogue you choose Sami or Lule Sami . NB! Make sure that the box Identify language automatically is not ticked. If it is ticked, Office will guess the text is in languages other than Sami for a long time, and Divvun will not work as expected (most users report that it will eventually settle with the user's language setting, but that it takes time).
    Choose language dialogue

  3. Now you may start to write in Sami, and the program will then help you with your spelling. You may either right-click (ctrl-click) on words underlined with red, in which case it looks as follows:

    Suggestion in menu

    or you may start the speller in a separate window. Press the abc-button. The result is:
    The spell checker in use