Installation and use on MacOS X

When writing Sámi in Microsoft Office for Mac (all versions), use the languages Catalan (=North Sámi), Basque (=Lule Sámi) or Slovak (=South Sámi). Don't blame us, blame Microsoft for the situation.

Using Divvun on a Mac

When you have opened MS Office you will have to tell Office which langauge the text is written in.

1. Mark the sami text:

Mark the sami text

2. Go to the menu Tools > Language… :

Go to the menu "Tools > Language…"

3. Choose the langauge Catalan for North Sámi , Basque for Julev Sámi , or Slovak for South Sámi ( 1):

Choose the proper language

4. If you usually write in Sami, you may make Sami your default language for new documents, by clicking the button Default… (see previous picture) and thereafter click the button Yes :

Do you want to make Sami your default language?

5. Now you may start writing in Sami, and the Divvun tools will help you spell correctly:

Sami text with spelling error

Orthography dialogue for the spelling error

So far, Microsoft has not included support for Sami in MS Office for Mac, despite the fact that such a support is provided for MS Office for Windows. Hopefully future verisions of MS Office for Mac will include this support. Until then we will have to pretend that the Sami languages are other languages, already defined in MS Office.