GramDivvun 1.0

Spelling and grammar checker in one tool!

The first grammar checker for a Sámi language, GramDivvun 1.0, is released. Works for Google Docs and Microsoft Office.


DownloadGoogle Docs / GSuite Windows DownloadMS Office 365 OSX
The grammar checker is found in the menu:
Add-ons > Divvun Grammar
Checker > Grammar check
The grammar checker is found in the tab:
Home > Divvun Grammar Checker

How to use GramDivvun

Choose language, and click on Check.

The grammar checker needs to be rerun after editing the text, it does not see text changes automatically. This is due to limitations in the MS Office and GDocs plugin system, and outside our control.

Grammar checker for North Sámi

In this version we try to find and correct the following errors:

  1. regular spelling errors (=spelling checker)
  2. punctuation errors:
    • missing spaces before or after parentheses
    • space after opening or before closing parentheses
    • missing space after comma, exclamation mark etc.
    • too many spaces in a row
  3. compound words written as two separate words
  4. wrongly compounded words, should have been written separately
  5. word forms with a and á in different contexts (f.ex. logat vs logát)
  6. consonant gradation errors (f.ex. biddjui vs bidjui)

Other Sámi languages

Other Sámi langauges, like South, Lule, Inari and Skolt Sámi, are also available in GramDivvun. But these mostly contain the spelling checker and nothing else. This is still very useful, as it gives access to the spelling checker in places blocked for the regular spelling checker, such as on the Chromebook, or in the browser version of Office365.