Other installation options

Install multiple languages

To install multiple languages you download and install separate language files (so-called zhfst files).

The receipt below does not apply for the MS Office proofing tools. For those, you install the complete proofing tool for every language.
  1. Download one or more zhfst files:
    Language:  Version:  Documentation and source code:
    Download North Sámi  4.0  Project documentation and source code.
    Download Julev Sámi  4.0  Project documentation and source code.
    Download South Sámi  4.0  Project documentation and source code.
  2. Move the downloaded zhfst file(s) to one of the directories searched by the spellers:
    • Windows: <User>\AppData\Local\voikko\3
      (≤ Windows 7: C:\Documents and Settings\<User>\Local Settings\Application Data\voikko\3)
    • OSX: ~/Library/Spelling/voikko/3
    • Linux: ~/.voikko/3
    More possible locations are listed here. Look for the heading «Search order for dictionary files». Remember to always put the .zhfst files in a directory named «3» within those directories mentioned on that page.
  3. Log out and log back in

If you need other languages than the Sámi ones, you can find more on divvun.org.

Nightly builds

The spelling checkers for MS Office on Windows are rebuilt every night with our latest linguistic updates.

These versions are not properly tested, and we do not guarantee that they work properly, nor that they won't crash. Use on your own risk! If there are problems, just uninstall, and then reinstall the latest official version anew.


There are more languages in the nightly build directory. Have a look by going to the download directory for nightly builds.

OpenOffice, InDesign and other applications using Hunspell files

The Hunspell files and the other files one can download below are old and not actively maintained. They can still be an alternative for applications not accepting anything else.
Instructions · LinuxLinux instructions
· MacOSXMacOSX instructions
· WindowsWindows-vegledning
InstructionsInstructional videos
· Instructions

Instructions: Unpack the Hunspell download, and move the aff and dic files to the correct directory as required by each application.

Instructions for specific apps