Installation on iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod)

After downloading the app from the App Store, your homle screen could look like this:

Home screen with Sami Keyboards

Open the app:

The app page.

Press the link «Open Preferences»

Select «General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add new keyboard...»

Select General Select Keyboard Select Keyboards Select Add new keyboard...

Under the text «Third party keyboards» choose «Sami keyboards»:

Select Sami Keyboards

Enable the keyboards you want to use:

Enable keyboards

The installation is done!

To switch to a Sami keyboards, touch and hold the globe key to the left of the space key:

Keyboard selection menu

You may also just touch the globe key repeated times till you get th keyboard you want.

Please note that touch-and-hold does not work when one of the Sami keyboards is active. This is a limitation by Apple («there is no API to obtain a list of enabled keyboards or for picking a particular keyboard to switch to»), and concerns all third party keyboards.