Polderland cooperation


After a round of public tender, Polderland was selected as a subcontractor for the Divvun project. The main tasks of the subcontractor is to use our linguistic resources to create end-user-ready proofing tools for use with Microsoft Office and Adobe InDesign.

This page contains links to meeting memos between the Divvun project and Polderland, as well as other relevant links. For reasons of trade secrets, not all meeting memos will be available, or complete.


Starting August 29, we will have coordination meetings on Tuesdays at 9:30 AM Norwegian time. The core participants of the meetings are the two project managers, Peter Beinema (Polderland) and Sjur Moshagen (Divvun). Other project members will be included as needed. The memo from our inital start-up meeting can be found on the August 2006 Tromsø gathering pages.

The regular meeting memos are available below. The memos are written in a Wiki format supported by Forrest, allowing a near-text memo combined with instant publishing. For help with the Wiki format, see our jspwiki howto.

The meetings are held as Internet-based video conferences using iChat, and meeting memos are taken collaboratively using SubEthaEdit.

Meeting memos

by Sjur N. Moshagen