Meeting with Polderland 24.10.2006


  • Peter Beinema
  • Thomas Omma
  • Sjur Moshagen


  • since last time
  • questions and answers

Since last time


  • dropped North Sami speller for Mac office 2004 (posing as Dutch)

Newspaper North Sámi texts can be found at:


  • worked on the PLX conversion
  • improved normativity in the generated data
  • improved hyphenation for North Sámi
  • installed and tested the received speller


  • Lule Sámi hyphenation improvements and first data drop
  • Lule Sámi speller disguised as Polish (but feel free to pick another language if Polish is problematic)

Possible issues

Automated testing

Do Polderland have tools for this?

Automated testing of the speller:

  • input text, speller behaviour out
  • input error/correction pairs, miss/hit result out, possibly ranking of hit

Automated testing of the hyphenator:

  • input hyphenated text, output match/mismatch hyphenation patterns


There will probably be a new version of the hyphenator engine.

Next meeting

Next Tuesday (31.10.) at the usual time.


  • continue to improve hyphenation (Sjur and Thomas)
  • continue with speller data generation/conversion (Tomi)
    • Divvun could provide partial data in PLX format for testing and feedback purposes
  • get language codes to work with Mac Office 2004 (and check MacOffice 2007) ( Polderland)
  • deliver Lule Sámi hyphenation test data (Sjur and Børre)