Text corpus legalese

Text licensing, end users, and other contracts

This page contains an overview of the contracts required to build a usable corpus, both seen from the perspective of the collector, the administrator of the collection, and the end user. The contracts are translations of the documents at the Finnish IT center for science for their Text bank.

The Helsinki model, and template contracts

We have decided to use the contracts from Helsinki university, as they have a reasonable history in active use in a national text bank project, and provides for easy division of labor as well as clear separation of responsibilities between Sámediggi and the University of Tromsø.

The Helsinki originals and their Norwegian translations are available for free reuse by others that find them useful, but please note that the Norwegian translation is not yet ready. Also, the translation has brought forward a few unclear points in the Finnish originals that should be clarified.

Finally, we have an example from the University of Oslo as a comparison.


Add a background section (or document) with a short explanation of the model used in Helsinki.

Original contracts

The Helsinki University license contract from the Linguistic Department consists of four parts:

  1. First part original LaTeX, pdf
  2. Second part original LaTeX, pdf
  3. Third part original LaTeX, pdf
  4. The fourth part is not yet available

There is also a supporting style specification for the LaTeX originals.

The above version of the 1. Helsinki contract is missing §3.8 (present in earlier paper versions), and needs to be reinserted. What looks like §3.8 corresponds to §3.9 in the earlier version.

Norwegian translations

  1. First part
  2. Second part
  3. Third part
  4. The fourth part is not yet available

The Sámediggi contracts

The translations above of the Helsinki contracts will be the basis for our own contracts. They are not yet finished, as the main work now is focusing on getting the translations in shape. The existing drafts are:

  1. First part
  2. Second part
  3. Third part
  4. Fourth part not yet available

These translations will be sent to a lawyer for thorough checking.

Should we add links to XML versions of our translations?

The Oslo contracts

For comparison, the contract from the University of Oslo, Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies, with the corresponding end user license:

  1. The text licensing contract (corresponds to contract 1 and 2 in the Helsinki model)
  2. The end user contract, corresponding to contract 3 and 4 below

by Sjur N. Moshagen