Meeting with Polderland 27.2.2007


  • Peter Beinema
  • Sjur Moshagen


  • Since last time
  • Possible issues
  • Next meeting
  • Todo items for the next meeting

Since last time


  • thanks for resource fork help. Better than what we had.
  • beta drop completed except for hyphenators and lexicon test software.
  • lexicon test software and MS office hyphenators completed, ready to drop.
  • provided help with lexicon compilation issues (UTF8)
  • looked into suggestion issues (phonetic rules + hyphens)


  • Several new speller lexicons compiled. The latest (from yesterday) fixes most of the outstanding bugs in the original beta: most closed POSes are now included (acronyms and some abbreviations still missing) + auxiliary verbs, and compounding works according to the default pattern. There are still too many unrecognised words, mainly caused by the missing derivations. We have thus decided to postpone the public beta release until we have included them. New public beta release date is March 15.
  • reply from Microsoft - looks bad regarding MS Office 2004/Mac:
Apologies about the delay. This is indeed a shortcoming of the application.
The product team is currently looking at how it can be addressed moving

For Office 2004, the only global language setting I'm aware of is the one in
the Custom tab in the document properties window.  There you can set the
Name field to "Language" then set the Type to text and enter the value
"Saami."  Obviously this doesn't provide object-model support via language

Possible issues

Updating installer packages

We (ie Divvun) can now easily compile our own speller lexicons - thanks for the tools: -)

But we also need to place that speller lexicon file over the old one within the installation packages. For that I assume we need the original installation package script (or whatever it is called), and for Win we also - I assume - need the software used to create the installer? (the corresponding software is included on the Mac, as part of the developer tools).

PLX format

bii^la  NIR     +N+Sg+Nom
bii^la  NAL     +SgNomCmp

These two are in effect identical to the following (but the internal representation might be different):

bii^la  NIALR

Thus, it is ok and working as intended.


Divvun needs the command-line testing tool(s) mentioned earlier.

Default phonetic rules

Can these be updated to allow hyphenation, or should Divvun add them? Divvun don't know what the default rules are: -)

Next meeting

Next Tuesday (6.3.) at the usual time.


  • send "default" phonetic rules (PLD)
  • discuss: add hyphens to default phonetic rules? (PLD)
  • discuss: how to include new lexicons in installer (PLD)
  • ( PLD) check whether replacing lexicon on Mac requires change to resource fork in speller shared library
    • no, but "old" resource fork must be attached to new lexicon
      • command-line solution found and sent to Polderland
  • send prefix with spelling error penalties (head of fon.rule file)
    • part of beta drop
      • not needed
  • check: installer on Mac should be able to:
    • move existing proofing tools out of the way (into a zip archive?)
    • restore "original" proofing tools on deinstallation
      • yes, but some residues remain after de-installation.
      • solution probably requires admin rights - will document
  • check if Sami-codes are included in Office 2008 / Mac (PLD)
    • appears not to be the case in last Beta (nov 2006)
      • not yet, see answer from MS above
  • get language codes to work with Mac Office 2004 (and check Mac Office 2008) (Polderland)
  • try to find proper compiler version for Adobe Indesign (old version will probably do) (Polderland)
  • send link to cvs checkout info (Sjur)