Uninstallation of Divvun

Divvun 2.x

  • Open the folder DivvunTools in the /Library folder:
    Divvun 2 Uninstallation program
  • Run the Remove Divvun for Office application in the subfolder for the application you want to remove Divvun from, and confirm that you want to remove Divvun when asked:
    Confirm uninstallation
  • If it is the last or only Divvun installation, the whole folder DivvunTools will be removed as well.

Divvun 1.x

  • Open the folder SamiProofingTools in the Applications folder:
    Uninstallation of Divvun1
  • Run (one of) the Remove SamiProofingTools application(s). Click OK when done:
    Uninstallation complete
  • Manually delete the folder SamiProofingTools if it isn't automatically deleted