Meeting with Polderland 5.6.2007


  • Peter Beinema
  • Sjur Moshagen


  • Since last time
  • Possible issues
  • Next meeting
  • Todo items for the next meeting

Since last time


  • currently looking into bug with test system with/without user dictionary
    • still not completed yet
  • Adobe: developing for CS3 - work continues.
    • Both Windows and Mac version compile
    • InDesign CS3 debug installed
    • Solving configuration issues, expect to be able to *really* compile this week (and then encounter the real bugs)
  • testing Divvun installer for Mac: succeeded for Win + Mac OS 10.3/10.4
  • ŋ and ñ exist, but ń must be added - try to complete this week
    • work finished, ready for final test & shipment. Will be accompanied by additional documentation on resource fork usage (we encountered some problems in the hyphenation data)
  • bug 402: tokenization issue, buried deep in code, fix available before final version
  • bug 409: not repro
    • ack, no repair necessary

Test string is: nuvviD, even nuvviDpeople


  • CS3 seems to be installed, or is on the way to being installed in at least the biggest printing houses, but I still need to check some of the other publishers
    • still some more to check, but it seems CS3 will be a safe lower end supported
  • been fixing bugs in the released public beta
  • planning linguistic update towards the end of this week, or next week

Compounding issue

Japn and Napn

The noun and adjective subclasses Japn and Napn accept also regular J and N classes?

- subclass a can have subclasses a and n and classes J and N on the right side - subclass p can have subclasses p and n and classes J and N on the right side - subclass n can have subclasses a, p and n and classes J and N on the right side

We are getting unwanted string suopmasivaheapmi accepted in the speller:

suop-ma NIALR   // nominative  
suop-ma NAL     // nominative, used for compounding with regular nouns
                // assumed not to be compoundable with Ja-tagged words
                // whereas suo-ma  GaAL + si-va-heap-mi JaIALR should be
                // (and is) ok
si-va-heap-mi VI
si-va-heap-mi JaIALR

The wanted compound is: suomasivaheapmi (which we get), but we need to be able to exclude the other one.

suo-ma  NnIR    // Acc
suo-ma-- NIAL   // Gen override - w/hyph
suo-ma-- GaIAL  // Gen - w/hyph
suo-ma  NAL     // Gen override
suo-ma  GaAL    // Gen case, should be used for compounding with sivaheapmi

What could we do to prevent this behaviour?

The A PLX flag

PLD has not really documented the A compound flagg. What does it stand for?

From the e-mail you sent us: "add an A flag to every (Proper or common) Noun that can be a left part (or even to all Nouns)"

A = Can occur middle in composition?

Next meeting

Next week (19.6) at the usual time.


  • check inconsistent speller behaviour depending on the existence of userdict or not PLD
  • PLD continue to create hyphenator for Adobe InDesign CS3
  • PLD try to find proper compiler version for Adobe Indesign CS2. Looks bad.
    • old version does not work, user group + Adobe confirms it no longer sold
    • check with Sámi publishing houses whether support for CS2 is still needed ( Divvun)
  • include ń as character in words (PLD), send updated binaries
    • finished, testing nearly completed, will be sent today
  • speller in InDesign/InCopy option (PLD)