Meeting with Polderland 4.12.2007


  • Peter Beinema
  • Sjur Moshagen


  • Since last time
  • Possible issues
  • Next meeting
  • Todo items for the next meeting

Since last time


  • inDesign spellers work except for custom dictionaries (FN)
    • Interface appears to be quite complex. Drop planned for next week.
  • bug 576 fixed, cmd line spellers dropped, other versions will follow today (incl. new indesign hyphenators)
  • prio list: 585 not repro. Windows / office / SP issue? ==> norwegian office 2007! - within VM on Mac
  • investigated series of bugs - no redrops planned for speller
  • hyphenator bug under investigation
  • installer bugs analyzed. re-drop planned with 2 changes: unique version ID incremented; dutch texts removed
  • unexpected suggestions -> investigation result:
    • substitute penalty for "a" - "á" is eáual to penalty for e.g. "a" - "x"
    • substitute penalty is normally higher than insertion/deletion penalty
    • consonant (un)doubling has a built-in low penalty
      • poss solutions: lower substitution penalty; add phonetic rules for e.g. "a" - "á" (twin)
  • very long very slow word: still investigating

Planned drops:

  • new version of installer (this week)
  • L+N spellers for indesign CS3 (next week)

Next drops:

  • hyphenator for InDesign
  • speller for InDesign (hopefully this week)

Open issues after these drops:

  • Windows installer issues
  • 576 – heajus vs heajos– (hyphens replaced with n-dash to please forrest)
    • heajos– should be accepted (with hyphen only) – it is
    • heajus should be accepted – it is
    • heajos should NOT be accepted – *** it IS accepted ==> in accordance with lex, not a bug
    • heajos–Oslo should be accepted – *** it is NOT accepted, but the exact same string is suggested, and when inserted (corrected) gets a red underline immediately ==> Bug. repaired, dropped
      • the bug is still seen in another case, see test results for bug 518


  • more PLX conversion fixes
  • other bug fixes
  • final touches on suggestions etc.
  • investigated and reported on new and existing bugs

Remark on your "Oslo should accept only NeP flagged words in compounds"-example: the 'trick' with the NeP-marked words only works when the left parts have an A flag. - NB: all adjectives now treated as nouns -> no more A-flags used - NB: below: s/-/--/ s/^/-/

  • Guovdageaidnu-Guovdageaidnu (correct form)
  • GuovdageaidnuGuovdageaidnu (incorrect form, will trigger the double hyphen suggestion)
  • Guovdageaidnu--Guovdageaidnu (suggested, and wrongly accepted, see below for PLX entries leading to this)
Guov^da^geain^nut       NePI
Guov^da^geain^nus       NePI
Guov^da^geain^nuin      NePI
Guov^da^geain^nui^guin  NePI
Guov^da^geain^nui^de    NePI
Guov^da^geain^nuid      NePI
Guov^da^geain^nuid      GpI
Guov^da^geain^nu        NePI
Guov^da^geain^nu        GaI
Guov^da^geain^no        GaI
Guov^da^geai^dnun       NePI
Guov^da^geai^dnu        NePI
Guov^da^gei^dnui        NePI

-Guov^da^geain^nut      NePE
-Guov^da^geain^nus      NePE
-Guov^da^geain^nuin     NePE
-Guov^da^geain^nui^guin NePE
-Guov^da^geain^nui^de   NePE
-Guov^da^geain^nuid     NePE
-Guov^da^geain^nuid     GpE
-Guov^da^geain^nu       NePE
-Guov^da^geain^nu       GaE
-Guov^da^geain^no       GaE
-Guov^da^geai^dnun      NePE
-Guov^da^geai^dnu       NePE   <== right part
-Guov^da^gei^dnui       NePE

Guov^da^geai^dnu-       NIB    <== wrongly selected
Guov^da^geai^dnu        NePB   <== wanted target for name + name compounds
-Guov^da^geai^dnu-      NO
stuo^ra NIBOE
stuo^ra NIBOE
stuo^ra NePBO
stuor^ra        NIBOE
stuor^ra        NIBOE
stuor^ra        NePBO

stuor   NIBOE
stuor   NePBO

Bug status


Div Pld Description
568 xxx Speller accepts X-flagged forms without I flag, also hyphenated words not in lexicon
576 xxx Speller does not accept the correct string, but do suggest the same as input.

To be solved by Divvun

Div Pld Description
461 448 Spelling errors with editing distance 1 => most phon-rules now removed, now down to 56.
564 xxx Win installer asking for non-existing disk
581 xxx consonant doubling

Under investigation by Polderland

Div Pld Description
585 xxx northsami (Sweden and Finland) triggers lulesami (Office 12)

Priority list

  1. double hyphens in name + name comps, cf problem description above
  2. real hyphenation issues (missing and wrong hyphenation points)
  3. 585
  4. new Windows installer
  5. indesign speller


  • December 4: other bug fixes
  • December 5: Indesign speller
  • December 12: public release at 10 AM Norwegian time

Next meeting

Next week (10.12.) at 12.30 Dutch/Norwegian time.


  • PLD provide information on InDesign language grouping
  • PLD preferred order of results: see above
  • PLD bug fixes with deliveries (see above)