Meeting with Polderland 21.8.2007


  • Peter Beinema
  • Sjur Moshagen


  • Since last time
  • Possible issues
  • Next meeting
  • Todo items for the next meeting

Since last time


  • working on mklex update: tokenization + behaviour with/without user dict
    • completion expected this week
  • beta indesign CS3 hyphenator for Mac works in principle, should be finished this week
  • working on self-starting windows installer - next drop

Bug investigations:

  • 402 ("xxx-,") - will be fixed in next drop
  • 419 (5-part compounds) - will be fixed in next drop
  • 427 (n+aigu) - resolved in last drop
  • 447 (terminal server install) - can not reproduce, contact customer
  • 448 (uppercase suggestions) - feature
  • 449 (suop-ma compounding) - dictionary change?
  • 455 (uninstaller Mac) - solution: check privileges at start of uninstall
  • 461 (olbmo - olbmos) - apparently not compounding.
    • need dictionary + phonetic rules to investigate
  • 465 (hyphenation does not work) - resolved by last drop
  • 467 (punctuation command line speller) -
  • 468 (Mac hyphenator: strange hyphenations) - investigate
  • 473 (windows installer auto-start) - discuss

Drop (final) planning: start of september - Peter will confirm next week Indesign speller: contract date: end of october. Will work out planning details by next week.


  • CS2 vs CS3: board's decision: no support for CS2
  • we don't need the mklex for Linux tool
  • project extensions: board accepted the offer, we need to agree on the deadline
  • bug 447/terminal server installation: the server admins will retry and investigate


None beyond what is registered in Bugzilla

Final Release

Planned on December 11 or thereabout. Will hopefully involve a minister and the press.

Next meeting

Next week (28.8.) at the usual time.


  • PLD drop first version of indesign Hyphenator
  • check inconsistent speller behaviour depending on the existence of userdict or not PLD
    • Sjur to add this to Bugzilla
  • PLD continue to create hyphenator for Adobe InDesign CS3