Meeting with Polderland 3.10.2006


  • Peter Beinema
  • Thomas Omma
  • Sjur Moshagen
  • Tomi Pieski


  • since last time
  • phonetic rules (correction)
  • hyphenation data
  • questions and answers

Since last time


  • all north Saami words used for regression test
  • spelling checker now runs on:
    • windows PC, for office 10 (XP) / 11 (2003) / 12 (2007)
    • Mac OS, Office 12 (2007)
    • to be done for both Mac and Win:
      • localization (using proper locale)
      • language codes (---"--- language codes)
      • include phonetic rules in lexicon,
      • include compound information (waiting for compounding info)
      • add hyphenation information (waiting for hyphenated data)
    • Mac OS, Office 10 / 11 (spelling checking works, suggestions not yet)
    • to be done/Mac Office 10/11:
      • Same as for above
      • get suggestion mechanism running (MS Speller API issue)
  • phonetric rules received
    • not included in lexicon yet
    • feed-back to Thomas on penalty mechanism

Waiting for:

  • compounding information in North Saami lexicon
  • hyphenation information in North Saami lexicon
  • Lule Saami lexicon (+ charset used + phon rules + hyph + compounding info)


  • has improved hyphenation routines, but still more work to do
  • updates to our lexicons
  • work on the proper speller data generation in PLX format

Phonetic rules

Can we write a rule to transform ss into šš? Yes, we can. Please see documentation in separate e-mail.

Lule Sámi

Core alphabet:

 a á b c d e f g h i j k l m n ŋ o p q
 r s t u v w x y z å ä ø ö å æ

The following characters are used in names:

 é ó ú í è ò ù ë ü ï â ê ô û î ã ý
 ç č đ ð ñ š ŧ

Not presently used, althoug defined in the Divvun source files:

 à ì þ ß ª


Divvun has a problem with the (present) hyphenation system, it breaks down in the midle of 'a'. Divvun will continue to work on the issue, but Polderland has the Divvun Xerox-style, rewrite rules, which they can study if they find them useful.

Divvun can presently provide a subset of the data as hyphenated.


  • continue to improve hyphenation (Sjur and Thomas)
  • continue with speller data generation/conversion (Tomi)
  • continue with Office integration (Polderland)
  • deliver updated data sets, including Lule Sámi (Sjur and Børre)
  • check Lule Sámi character set needed (cf those defined in the twol file) ( Sjur)