Meeting with Polderland 25.9.2007


  • Peter Beinema
  • Sjur Moshagen


  • Since last time
  • Possible issues
  • Next meeting
  • Todo items for the next meeting

Since last time


  • fixing bugs: some bugs pending (461, 521, 522)
    • compounding behaviour:
      • 3/4/5-part compound appear to work in general, but not in some specific cases
  • indesign CS3 hyphenator now runs in release mode, testing completed
    • will drop this week (Northern + Lule)
  • mac speller: installation issue (admin rights)?
  • zip utility for windows: not functional yet
    • first part works, calling REAL language-dependent installer appears to crash
    • have to do some debugging there
  • Speller behaviour: only suggests if errors are limited to 1 part of compound.
    • undesired (or should be user setting),
    • will be changed in future drop


  • gave 3-4 real-life examples of 3-4 part compounds
  • installed updated binaries from Polderland, compiled new spellers
  • new binaries seem to work fine, and fix the bugs they should
  • testing, bug hunting and fixing
  • further improvements to our test bench

Bug status


Div Pld Description
427 442 n+accent aegu not considered part of word
465 449 Hyphenation doesn't work on Mac : : solved at Divvun side
468 451 Mac: konseartaprogr·mma -> kon-seart-apr-ogr-·mma
467 450 Command-line speller tool has word-char punctuation issues (~477)
477 454 Command-line speller tool has number-initial string issues (~467)
476 453 Inconsistent speller behaviour depending on userdict availability => expected behaviour, message could be better
498 456 Cmd-line speller doesn't accept hyph-penalty > 0

To be solved in next drop

Div Pld Description
402 439 word + hyphen + comma is not recognised ("xxx-,") => solved
419 440 3-part compounds not recognised => solved => solved
448 444 Upper-case words get suggestions with Initial Case => solved
455 446 Mac uninstaller doesn't work if run by a non-admin => solved
473 452 Windows installer does not autostart after download => discuss solutions
516 4?? vista installation from zip fails => probably solved by self-extracting zip; not functioning yet

Under investigation by Polderland

Div Pld Description
461 448 Spelling errors with editing distance 1 from lexicalised words do not get correct suggestions => explanation not good enough, investigate more samples *** still investigating
480 455 Speller suggestions not identical in context menu and dialog => MS word behaviour: sorting of same-penalty suggestions; => no plans to repair this one
521 xxx Mac installer only works for admin accounts =>
522 xxx Strange compounding fenomena

To be investigated by Divvun/Users

Div Pld Description
447 443 Windows speller doesn't install on terminal server => SD IT guys will have a look once more

Will not be solved

Div Pld Description
449 445 suopmasápmelaš-type compounds accepted by the speller => limits of tagging /compounding mechanism reached

Issue discussion

473 - Windows installer

Alternatives to solve it:

  • make an executable installer file - requires InstallShield, meaning that either Polderland will have to make each installation package, or that the Divvun project will have to get an InstallShield license
  • make self-extracting zip files for download, with autostart options of the extracted objects; some alternative zippers for this:

For both cases different types of protection software (firewalls, anti-virus, etc) might block either download or execution of the installer. But default InstallShield installers behave in the same (or a similar) way, so that should not be any different.


With more than 2-part compounds now available, suggestion speed is sometimes very slow, in the range of 10 seconds.

Rough schedule

Polderland didn't meet their self-imposed goal of delivering at the beginning of September, will try around mid September instead.

  • Mid September: planned final drop from Polderland
  • November 1: Divvun code freeze
  • November 15: Indesign speller
  • December 11: public release

Next meeting

Next week (2.10.) at the usual time.


  • PLD drop first version of indesign Hyphenator
  • PLD pass information on self-extracting ziptool with autostart option + instructions on how to use it (not in working order yet)
  • PLD Proposal for command line hyphenator: 12/9 ready to be sent by commercial dept
  • PLD do speed tests: Mac/PPC Mac/c2duo Win, Office 11 Office 12 (compounding especially)