Meeting with Polderland 16.12.2008


  • Peter Beinema
  • Sjur Moshagen


  • Since last time
  • Bug status
  • Priority list
  • Next meeting

Since last time


  • Mac installer dropped
  • InDesign Windows: Frank is back. Only remaining issue: memory leak of 15K. I told Frank that if this is constant we should drop anyway.
  • South Sami RFQ: dropped
  • bugs: started investigation 603: suffix in middle of word is not necessarily illegal:
       (Dutch: 'waar' - true
               'waarheid' - truthfull ('heid' as suffix, Adj -> N)
               'waarheidsgetrouw' - in accordance with the truth
       i.e.: suffix can be rigthmost part of word that is itself
       left part of a composition. NB: differs from 'E' flag in this respect.
       We will look into this in more detail, of course.


  • most linguistic bugs fixed in North Sámi, some more to go for Lule Sámi
  • M&S answer received - we have some questions, will probably formulate them in a letter to PL
  • working on updated MS Office / Mac installer - thanks for the drop
  • planned 1.1 release: tomorrow

Bug status


Nothing new since last time.

To be solved/investigated by Divvun

Div Pld Description
621 xxx other hyphenator bugs. PB: not as much incorrect as well as weird-looking.
630 xxx Word (prefix) with hyphen is rejected - and suggested
652 xxx UPPERCASE-typos only get acronym-suggestions: VARI -> no sugg, vARI -> VÁRI as sugg; consequence of the sugg. mechanism, unresolvable
581 xxx consonant doubling => actual problem is suggestions with hyphens (split compound type); these can be blocked as suggestions, and thus be removed (they would still be recognised, though)

Under investigation by Polderland

Div Pld Description
581 xxx consonant doubling
595 xxx problem with prefix containing hyphens
603 xxx suffix is accepted in the middle of a word
613 xxx speller does not accept 'Ga' tagged word as 2nd part
679 xxx Discretionary/soft hyphen not respected - repaired, repaired code to be dropped

Priority list

  1. to be supplied before 2008-12-12 - Installer for Microsoft Office 2008 / Mac
    1. done
  2. InDesign proofing tools for Windows - almost completed
    1. see above
  3. installers for InDesign (CS3 & CS4, Mac + Win)

Next meeting

Next meeting (Wed 7.1.) at 10.00 Dutch/Norwegian time.