Installation and setup on Chromebook

The sami keyboards are available here.

Click «Add to Chrome», confirm by clicking «Add extension». In a short time the keyboards will be installed, and the download page will display «Remove from Chrome». This indicates that the sami keyboards have been installed.

Click the status area in the bottom-right of your desktop.
The settings panel appears.
Chrome OS status panel

Select Settings.
Your Chromebook Settings page loads in the Chrome browser.

Scroll down to «Device» and click «Keyboard»
The keyboard settings appears.
Chrome OS keyboard settings

Click «Change language and input settings» on the bottom of the page.
The «Languages and input» page appears.

Click on «Input method». The box expands and the active input method and «Manage input methods» appears.
Manage input methods

Click «Manage input methods»
Below «Norwegian Bokmål» og «Swedish» these input methods are available.

  • North Sami
  • South Sami
  • Julev Sami

Below «Finnish» these input methods are available.

  • North Sami
  • Inari Sami
  • Skolt Sami

Chose the ones you need and close the settings window.
Chose input methods

Aren't Norwegian, Swedish or Finnish available?
If you don't see the sami input methods and don't have Norwegian, Swedish or Finnish available on your machine, follow the instructions found here.

In the status area in the bottom right of your desktop a language indicator has appeared. When you click it a list av input methods appears. Chose the one you want to use. You can also change input methods with the key combination Ctrl-Shift-Space.
Chose input method