Installing, configuring and switching keyboards in Windows 10


  1. Go to the Divvun keyboard download page, and click on the download link for Windows 10:


  2. Run the downloaded installer:

    Run installer

  3. Allow the installer to make changes:

    Allow changes

  4. Select installer language:

    Select installer language

  5. Choose install location, the default is fine:

    Installation location

  6. Select Start Menu location, the default is fine:

    Start menu

  7. You are now ready to install:

    Ready to install


  8. You have to Restart after installation to ensure the keyboard is working properly:


  9. After the restart, the new keyboard(s) should show up in the keyboard menu (if not, continue as described below):

    Keyboard menu


The installation done above should automatically have turned on the installed keyboards. In case it has not happened, or you want to change the configuration, do as follows:

  1. Go to the Start menu, and click on Settings:

    Start menu

  2. Click on Time & language:

    Controll panel

  3. Click Add a language:

    Add language button

  4. Choose Davvisámegiella by clicking the name:

    Add specific language

  5. Choose the variant of Davvisámegiella you want:

    Choose regional variant

  6. Click Davvisámegiella followed by Alternatives:

    Configure language

  7. Click Add Keyboard:

    Add keyboard for language

  8. Choose Samisk, utvidet Norge:

    Choose keyboard for your language

  9. Select Norsk med samisk and click Remove:

    Remove the previous keyboard

  10. Now you have Davvisámegiella (Norga) as an input language with the keyboard Samisk, utvidet Norge:

    Language is configured with the correct keyboard

Switching keyboards

To switch between the keyboards, and thus switch language, press Windows+space until your keyboard is activated:

Switch between keyboards and languages