Enable the Sámi keyboards in MacOSX 10.6-10.8

Settings in MacOS X 10.6-10.8 to enable typing in Sámi

To be able to type in Sámi you need a Sámi keyboard layout.

1. Open Systemvalg…

Åpne "Systemvalg…"

2. Click the Language and text tab or type a relevant search term in the search field:


3. Click the tab Input sources and click the check box in front of the wanted Sámi keyboard:

Legge til samisk tastatur

4. Make sure there is a check mark in the check box Show keyboard menu, check it if it is missing:

Legge til samisk tastatur

5. Select the Sámi keyboard in the keyboard menu to the right of the menu strip when typing in Sámi:

Velg samisk tastatur for skriving