Northern Sámi as input languge in Windows 7

Settings in Windows 7 to be able to write Northern Sámi

We will show how to set up Northern Sámi as input languge. When Northern Sámi set up as the input language, the spell checker will automatically be switched to Northern Sámi when the Divvun tools have been installed.

  1. Go to Start, choose Control Panel

    Start menu

  2. Choose Change keyboards or other input methods kontrollpanel.

    Control Panel

  3. The dialog Region and Language appears. Choose Change keyboards....

    Region and language

  4. The dialog Text Services and Input Languages appears. Choose Add....

    Text Services and Input Languages

  5. The dialog Add Input Language appears. Go to Sami, Northern (Norway), Sami, Northern (Finland) or Sami, Northern (Sweden). Choose Sami Extended Norway Sami Extended Finland-Sweden.

    Add Input Language

    Then click OK.
  6. The dialog Text Services and Input Languages now shows the input method you chose in the previous step in addition to the other input languages that was active earlier.

    Text Services and Input Languages after that Northern Sami has been chosen.

  7. Then click the OK button in all dialogs.